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When fillings fall out of your teeth, you should call the dentist as fast as you can to get a replacement. Of course, you may feel some discomfort in those teeth, plus you need to keep them safe from bacteria. Here is what you can try to feel better and protect your teeth.

You can put some clove oil in the cavity, using a cotton swab to apply it, so you can reduce any discomfort. You can usually find clove oil at a drugstore or a supermarket.

To shield the cavity from bacteria, you can place some dental cement over it. Do not use glue or such, as it is bad for your body. You can ask your pharmacy if they have dental cement.

Another important way to protect the tooth is to keep food out of the cavity as much as possible, otherwise bacteria might be tempted to stay. We suggest chewing on the other side of your mouth to reduce risk of food getting in and avoid putting pressure on the tooth. You have no need to avoid brushing and flossing, you just need to be careful and gentle when removing any food that is on that particular tooth. To keep yourself even more relaxed, you can rinse afterwards with warm salt water, which is easy on the tooth.

If you ever have problems with your fillings, we can fix them here at Sun Valley Dental Group PLLC in Ketchum Idaho. Dr. Brian Galbraith, our dentist, will examine and treat the problem. You can call 208-726-4711 to get in touch with us.